Our patients, seen in the photos, suffered from Bell’s Palsy, which is a form of facial paralysis resulting from damage or trauma to one of the two facial nerves. The facial nerve, also called the 7th cranial nerve, is a paired structure that travels through a narrow, bony canal (called the Fallopian canal) in the skull, beneath the ear, to the muscles on each side of the face. Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy, which vary from person to person and range in severity from mild weakness to total paralysis, may include twitching, weakness, or paralysis on one or both side of the face, drooping of the eyelid and corner of the mouth, drooling, dryness of the eye or mouth, impairment of taste, and excessive tearing in one eye. Natural medicine gives great results and healing for patients who suffer from Bell’s Palsy and other neurological disorders.