Herbal medicine has over 4000 years of research, history and use. These herbs are prescribed for patients on a personal level.  Our classical herbal formulas have been handed down by family from the emperor's royal physician of the Qin Dynasty. Each patient has different needs, our bodies are different, and illnesses stem from different causes. Therefore the prescriptions are individualized for every patient and are adjusted periodically.

Unfortunately, there are those who read an article in a magazine and run to the nearest nutrition store, grocery store, mail order catalog, or drug store to self heal. They look for single herbs or formulated herbs, not realizing the dosage, quality, nature, property, and entering system of these natural herbs. Even though these herbs pose little or no side effect when utilized by a skilled physician, it is still medicine - requiring the supervision by a qualified specialist.

Each herb is unique and must not be mishandled. Internally cold-natured patients cannot use certain herbs; internally hot-natured patients cannot use certain herbs. Some herbs cannot be used in combination, while pregnant women, lactating women, small children, or the elderly cannot use certain other herbs.

Qualified herbalists go through intense training and are taught everything about individual herbs and herbal formulas. The dosages have to be regulated, conflicting herbs cannot be used together, the stages of patients need to be monitored, and the herbal formulas need to be changed according to the change in the patient's condition. Although natural, herbs are not to be played with carelessly and unknowingly.


Although herbal medicines are safe when prescribed by a trained and knowledgeable practitioner, they are strong medicines. Patients should ask about where the practitioner was trained, how long the training was, how long he/she has been in practice, and what experience the practitioner has had in treating the patient's specific ailment. Most importantly, find out the background of the herbal medicine specialist. (e.g. experience, knowledge, years of education, years of medical excellence, good reputation, RESULTS, etc.) Ask about the qualifications first. In the state of California, the Board of Medical Quality Assurance certifies those who pass a state board qualifying examination. We hope that you have found answers to questions about herbal medicine. To locate a qualified herbal medicine specialist, call Agape Acupuncture at 949.877.8889