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2019 Ethics in Acupuncture, Safety, CPR
2018 Traumatology as Treated by TCM
2018 Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
2018 Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
2018 Diet and Nutrition
2016 Inner Compass Acupuncture
2016 Natural Way to Good Health and Longevity
2015 Cosmetology and Dermatology Part 1
2015 Cosmetology and Dermatology Part 2
2015 Safety in Preventing Medical Errors
2015 Orthopedic Lumbar Spine Examination
2015 Orthopedic Cervical Spine Examination
2015 Orthopedic Shoulder Examination
2015 Orthopedic Knee Examination
2015 Evaluation and Treatment of Tunnel/Entrapment Syndromes
2015 Adult CPR, Child CPR and Infant CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens, Cognitive A.E.D. Training
2013 Kidney Function and Dementia
2013 RSA (Recurrent Spontaneous Miscarriage) and Natural Medicine Treatment
2013 Caecum Antagonism and Herbs 2013 Edema and Natural Medicine Treatment
2013 Acupuncture Treated Metabolic Syndrome
2013 Internal Medicine
2013 Urolithiasis and Natural Medicine Treatment
2013 Clinical Application of Herbs
2013 Tourette Syndrome and Natural Medicine Treatment
2013 Adult CPR, Child CPR and Infant CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens, Cognitive A.E.D. Training
2011 Spleen Deficiency and Brain Function
2011 Kidney Failure and TCM Treatment
2011 Headache and Treatment with TCM
2011 Neck, Shoulder, Leg and Back Pain
2011 CHD and Blood Circulation to Relieve Stasis
2011 Internal Diseases and Best Way to Health
2010 Myofascial Pain Syndrome
2010 Patient Case Management
2009 Narcolepsy and TCM Treatment
2009 Surgical Diseases
2009 Unstable Angina and TCM Treatment
2009 Metabolic Syndrome and TCM Treatment
2009 Urticaria and TCM Treatment
2009 Optic Atrophy and TCM Treatment
2008 Mood Disorders and TCM Treatment
2008 Impotence and Acupuncture Treatment
2007 Treatment of Sleep Disorders: Sleeping and Dreaming
2007 Ethics for Acupuncturists and Health Professionals
2007 Facial Paralysis and the Treatment of Bell's Palsy
2007 British Acupuncture Council: Code of Professional Conduct & Code of Safe Practice
2007 Herbal Medicine and Drug Interactions; Herbal Teas
2007 TCM Treatment of Stomach Diseases and the Relationship with Helicobacter Pylori
2006 Clinical Applications of Tui-Na
2006 Cryotherapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine
2006 Advanced TCM Clinical Cosmetology
2006 Chinese Herbal Medicine For Gastroenterological and Liver Diseases
2005 TCM Management of Infertility
2005 Treatment of Psoriasis and Eczema
2005 The Treatment of Hepatitis C With Traditional Chinese Medicine
2004 Treating Zang-Fu Disorders In The Modern Clinic
2004 Advanced I-Ching Acupuncture
2004 Herbal Treatments For Skin Conditions
2004 Advanced Clinical Cosmetology Techniques
2004 The Deliberation Of TCM Treatment For Infertility - The American Association Of Oriental Medicine
2002 Natural Medicine Perfume
2002 The Method of Promoting Blood Circulation and Remove Blood Stasis in the Treatment of Women's Disease
2001 Lecture by Dr. Janet Yeh on Cancer and Nutrition to colleagues and post-graduates
2001 Herbal Alternatives To Drugs: Internal Medicine
2001 Top 50 Prescription Drugs And Their Herbal Alternatives
2001 Clinical Observation On 64 Cases Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated With "Primordial-Cultivating And Foundation-Consolidating" Methods Of Acupuncture
2001 Clinical Report Of 50 Cases Of Traumatic Paraplegia Treated With Acupuncture
2001 Results Of Treating 228 Cases Of Radical Cervical Spondylosis by Use of Acupuncture and Duhuo-Jisheng Tang
2001 Treatment of 30 Cases of Prolapse of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc with Acupuncture and Massage
2001 Clinical Application of Ginseng in Traditional Chinese Medicine
2001 Adverse Side Effects in Medicine
2001 Analysis of Clinical Effects of 50 Cases of Primary Thrombocytopenia Purpura Treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine
2001 Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of Modified "Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang" on Chronic Gastritis
2001 Berkeley Medical Journal: Interview with Dr. Janet Yeh on Cancer and Acupuncture - "Chemo-puncture: Combining Chemotherapy with Acupuncture My Alleviate Symptoms of Cancer Treatment"

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